Insurance Claims: Get What You’re Entitled To

Insurance Claims: Get What You’re Entitled To

Imagine for a moment that you’re driving home from the airport after one of the most memorable vacations of your life.

The weather is poor and the “haze” of being on vacation begins to lift.

As you begin to deal with an annoying case of “back to reality blues”, your mind can’t help but begin to plan when you can get back there again. 

You turn down your street, pull into your driveway and enter the garage. 

The contrast from being on vacation is always strong, but you begin to have the feeling that something really is different.

No, it must be your imagination.  You’ve been away for a while and you’re just out of your element right now!

As you enter the house, your jaw hits the ground as it becomes apparent that someone has been in your house while you were away. 

In fact, your entire house has been turned upside down. 

Then, the reality hits you: “WE’VE BEEN ROBBED!”

You drop your bags and run around looking for what’s missing.  It’s hard to tell because you’re so disoriented. 

As you do this, you can’t help but notice a funny smell. 

After 15 minutes of running around trying to figure out what those hoodlums took, you open the door to your finished basement.


Your beautiful finished basement has over a foot of water on the floor!  And, as you trudge around down there, you see what the problem is.

Whoever robbed you thought it would be funny to break a window in your basement, turn on your garden hose, stick the hose through the broken window, and let water run in your basement until you return!!

This is a Nightmare!

After shutting off the water and patching the window, you collect yourself and try to think of what you should do first.

Call your homeowner’s insurance company?  Maybe. 

But, let’s stop and think about this for a minute. 

Is it in your insurance company’s best interest to pay you the biggest claim settlement they can, or the smallest? 

Well, of course, the answer is the smallest.

So, how can you make sure that you’re getting everything you’re entitled to get under your homeowner’s insurance policy?  And, at the same time, get your house cleaned up and back to normal?

“Public” Insurance Adjuster

One way to make sure is to immediately hire a public insurance adjuster

In addition to helping you maximize the settlement you’re entitled to in a timely manner, a public insurance adjuster relieves you of the paperwork burden by handling everything for you. 

And, because that’s all they do, they raise helpful points that you wouldn’t have even thought of.  (Especially in the middle of a crisis)

The analogy is going to court without an attorney to defend your rights.  Most people wouldn’t think of doing that. 

The same holds true if you suffer a loss to your property.  You want to make sure that you receive everything that you’re entitled to after paying insurance premiums your entire life.

Having a public insurance adjuster handle your entire claim from start to finish, including hiring cleaning companies, dealing with contractors, compiling the list of damaged or stolen property and assigning the replacement value, etc., allows you to concentrate on what’s most important to you, and that is getting your home back in order as quickly as possible.

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