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How to Develop the Confidence to Retire

One of the biggest emotional, social and financial challenges you’ll ever face is the transition from working, receiving a paycheck, and saving money your whole life…to no longer receiving that paycheck from the work you do.

And, to make matters even more challenging, you then have to begin spending The Retirement Bucket™ of investments you’ve taken your entire life to build in order to support your lifestyle!

If you are like our Relaxing Retirement members who developed the disciplined habit of aggressively saving money during your working years, flipping the switch and now spending what you’ve saved doesn’t feel normal.  It just feels strange!

With guaranteed pensions now a thing of the past, even dedicated savers who have done a great job building up a sizable Retirement Bucket™ of investments are not 100% convinced they have enough.

So, they end up working longer than they need to because they think they have to.

Or, worse, they stop working and retire, but because of their fear of making a costly mistake and running out of money, they “pull their punches” and restrict their spending, and end up having to live like the masses who have to say: I can’t afford that.  I’m on a fixed income now.”

Like most dedicated savers faced with the prospect of freeing themselves from their dependence on their paycheck and relying on their Retirement Bucket™ of investments to support them, you may lack the financial confidence to flip the switch from saving what you’ve earned to spending what you’ve saved.

Unfortunately, all those years of discipline and saving, of building up money and investing it, are of no value to you now if you don’t have the financial confidence to spend it.

If this resonates with you in any way, then the best news I have for you, after running a retirement coaching program to help dedicated savers navigate this transition for over 30 years, is that none of them were born with the necessary financial confidence.

They developed it. 

And, so can you!

Retirement Confidence Has to Be Developed

As your Retirement Coach, if you’ll allow me to be that in this series, I want to help you transition to the life you deserve free of dependence on a paycheck.

And, like any great sports coach, we’re going to help you install your Retirement Game Plan, yoursystem,” by revealing and helping you implement the retirement coaching strategies, tools, checklists, and mindsets we’ve developed over the last 30+ years so you can start living the life you’ve earned 100% on your terms.

I look forward to visiting with you in the next edition.

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