Relaxing Retirement
Member Appreciation Events

Being a Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program™ member goes way beyond the traditional “client-advisor” relationship. Our annual Member Appreciation Events provide an opportunity to gather and celebrate at unique and memorable venues. Relaxing Retirement events provide something even more important: a place to socialize and have a lot of fun with all of our members who are all experiencing this unique stage in life.

One of our best takeaways from every event is watching members, who have never met before, become friends. And, watching members, who worked together for years before retiring, have the opportunity to catch up in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

We are very aware that all of our members have options when it comes to helping them manage their financial affairs through this complex transitional phase of their lives. We always want them to know just how much we appreciate them choosing to work with us. Our events are one opportunity we take to say “thank you!”

It’s always a celebration when you are with like-minded people!